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The fleshing machine type SC/ML is manufactured in two versions: 1600 mm. and 1800 mm, it has been planned for the particular fleshing of goatskins and calfskins.
The advanced experience in the tanning field has made possible the realization of the SC/ML machine which has assembling characteristics of strength, easy maintainance and adjustment and also it guarantees a high level of reliability.
The machine is equipped with a hydraulic gearcase which controls the main functions, that is closing and opening of cylinders and movement of leather transport.
Crankcases are made of fiber glass like also the rods.
The sharpening truck and the truck bar are in cast iron for a better stability and precision during sharpening operation.
The sharpening truck transfers on the bar through a reducer with electric motor and a chain ring-closed.
A safety barrier covers the whole frontal part of the machine according to the effective laws.
The electric box, which contains all the parts is waterproof with a protection degree IP 65. If requested, the machine can be equipped with automatic lubrication system (with normal grease) for all parts which turn which are not feeded by the oleodynamic circuit.
1) CLOSING AND OPENING OF MACHINE: the rack piston, by engaging the bar driving pinion, causes the rubber cylinder movement so fast that dead time is strongly reduced and it also decreases the cylinder speed when it is near the contact point in order to assure a very smooth touch with the blade cylinder.
2) KNURLED CYLINDER: a hydraulic engine starts the knurled cylinder which has a diameter surface that allows a very strong and safe leather extraction. Adjustment of the springs thrust is in a very easy position.
3) LEATHER SUPPORTING RUBBER CYLINDER: a hydraulic engine trasmits rotation through a toothed couple immersed in a waterproof box and lubricated with grease. This drive is integral with the rod which bears the cylinder. The cylinder has a considerable coat of rubber in order to adapt it to the leather thickness variations.
4) BLADE CYLINDER: the blade cylinder turns on bearings which are placed on waterproof boxes and it is assembled on rods which permit of adaptation to the kind of leather thickness. The cylinder position in relation to the rubber cylinder is easily adjusted by a handwheel.
5) ADJUSTMENT OF TRANSPORT SPEED: the speed regulator is placed inside the crankcase, sheltered from water sprays and by turning its knob, you can adjust speed extraction according to the requested working conditions (Max. speed 56 mt/1′).

Dettagli Macchina

Model: SC/ML 1600/1800
Categoria di Pelle: Baby Calf, Sheepskins
Tipologia Macchina: Fleshing Machines