Descrizione Macchina

The broad experience gained in the field of tanning machines allows CM to realize RAL/MF machine, which presents structural characteristics of extreme strength, simplicity of construction, maintenance, adjustments and reliability. This machine is suitable to process sheepskins. Moreover, the RAL/MF machine, is equipped with a safety system which perfectly meets requirements requested by the effective laws. – The leather supporting cylinder position permits a quick and easy positioning of leather, as quick and “mild” is the closing/opening movement of machine. – The staking cylinder is built as the ones employed for setting out machines and adjustment between staking cylinder and leather supporting cylinder is made through an easy push-button device, by reading the value on a graduated dial plate. -The stretching cylinder is independent, its rotation is contrary to the extraction of the leather, its speed is variable in order to obtain a better stretching of leather. Its adjustment, concerning approaching and removing from stakings, is easily made. – Drying pressure is hydraulically adjusted by an easy control placed on the machine side (the drying pressure reaches 12 Tons of power). – Leather extraction by hydraulic control with variable speed from 18 to 36 m/1′. It is adjustable by a control placed on the machine side. -Felt sleeves are automatically centred. -The whole electric equipment is placed in a strong waterproof cast iron box, the special control board is placed in an easy position, right of the operator. . Carter are stainless steel . On request, the machine can be equipped with a pump that allows the automatic lubrication of all rotation and moving items, reducing the wear and tear effects. washing.

In order to improve continuously the quality of our products, we reserve the right to change, without notice, the characteristics of the machine. Power and production data are indicative basis and naturally have to be adapted to working conditions.

Dettagli Macchina

Model: RAL/MF 1600/1800
Categoria di Pelle: Sherpskins
Tipologia Macchina: Sammying Machines