Descrizione Macchina

The broad experience gained in the field of machines for drying tanned and died skins allows CM to realize the new continuous sammying machine R240T.

Machine of new conception with solid monolithic structure; new 7 pressing rollers pattern allowing a better stretching and drying of the skin;sammying pressure on 6 contact points; double hydraulic circuit with differentiated transport and drying; stretching out roller with large diameter, adjustable positioning and speed; transport speed by 4 hydraulic motors.

The machine is equipped with a hydraulic device allowing the spreading roller to maintain its position on skins of varying thickness. max. drying pressure 240 Tons with independent adjustment on the three pressing rollers; skin feed rate is adjustable from 5 to 24 mt.; exclusive automatichydraulic system for the centering of the band felts, easy and quick to replace.

The R240T model is equipped with rotary PVC belt for leather feeding and stretching.

Speed of belt is adjustable by a hydraulic device and shown on a special display of control board; device for automatic centring of feed-in belt. On request, the machine is supplied with a patented device, for the processing of the leathers with hubs.

The machine is complete with all safety devices in complete with actual standards (CE) and NR 12 for Brasil.

Carter and protection sheets are stainless steel.

The machine is equipped with a pump that allows the automatic lubrication of all rotation and moving items, reducing the wear and tear effects. Finally, there is a device of automatic felts washing.

In order to continuously improve the quality of our production, we reserve the right to change, without notice, the characteristics of the machine. Power and production data are indicative, on average basis and naturally have to be adapted to working conditions.

Dettagli Macchina